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Insight as Art: A Visual Introduction

Welcome to the video introduction to FlexMR’s Consumer Postcard Project!

In this project, we’re experimenting with research reporting techniques. Reporting is one of the most important parts of the research experience, as this is the part where most of the stakeholders and decision makers will come properly into contact with it. However, with written reports dominating most of this process, it has become hard for decision makers to fully engage with the insights. That is what we’re seeking to change.

The Consumer Postcard Project

There are many techniques that are passed around the insights industry, such as storytelling and video interaction, that work to try and engage stakeholders and other key decisions makers in research results. As insight professionals, we intrinsically understand the power that insights have to change a business, but many business professionals who rely on the resulting insights still can’t perceive the value as is needed, due to a lack of engagement in the reporting stage.

To truly capture their interest, and more importantly their attention, in the resulting insights something unexpected needs to occur. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to innovate and advertise that there are more ways to report insights than a written report or PowerPoint presentation full to the brim with graphs and tables of data. We have the opportunity to create something truly memorable and interactive with the insights we generate.



There are many creative mediums that we in the industry can experiment with, and we will experiment more in the future in order to find out the most successful reporting method for stakeholder engagement; for this project, we have chosen to represent the insights we generate in the form of individual art pieces. There are three distinct postcards that we have created shown in this video, showing consumer perceptions of the retail, travel, and hotel industries. Each postcard matches up to an explanation below:

Retail Industry

This postcard highlights the polarising consumer retail experience. A sparse, industrialist, Lowry-inspired depiction contrasts with the wonderfully colourful and detailed impressionist element.

These visuals bring to life contradictory aspects of the consumer experience, ranging from the “over-the-top” and experiential glamour of the high street to the dull, depressing and dying town centres. As represented by the clear dividing line: “to survive in an increasingly online world, customer service is a key differentiator.”

Travel Industry

The travel sector is represented in a retro, pop art-style in order to highlight two key themes: the vibrant and colourful visuals depict the expectations of “fun and relaxation” that consumers have come to expect.

Transport, hotels, and location were all considered contributing factors to the experience, but fun appears to be the main metric travel is judged on. Travel agents were also a source of nostalgia for a number of consumers – remembering past experiences from both recent years and decades past.

Hotel Industry

The design of this postcard reflects that while consumers may enjoy the furnishings and décor of a hotel, the single aspect of the experience that can make or break an experience is the service provided by the staff. Hotels were described as a “much needed resource” highlighting that the experience is often viewed in a utilitarian light. As such, elements such as cleanliness, convenience, and comfort are important in that moment, but not memorable after a stay.

These are only three of six industries that we put to the test, we also discovered some fascinating insights from consumers about what they thought of the food production, food service, and financial services industries, which can be seen on our online gallery here.

Want to Get Involved?

To demonstrate how the power of artful insights could positively impact your business, we’re offering to create custom art pieces for the first 200 client-side researchers who express their interest.

From there we will conduct a three-day exploratory research study using out qualitative Question BoardMR tool, to understand consumer perceptions towards your brand. These insights will then be sorted into key themes as per the process above, and transformed into a run of 15 artistic postcards designed and created with precision specifically for you, along with a brief explanation of the feedback that influenced it. To submit your brand click here.