Discover a diverse range of insight-led resources to inspire informed decision making.


InsightHub Market Research Platform Demo

Discover InsightHub, our enterprise grade platform that enables brands to inform every decision at speed.

FlexMR Platform, Tools and Services Rate Card

See our cost effective solutions that enable insight teams to maximise return on research investment.

Insight as Art: The Consumer Postcard Project

We want to equip you with a representation of your brand so unique that it can't be ignored.

FlexMR Debuts on GRIT Top 50 Innovative Companies List

FlexMR ranked #44 on the GRIT Top 50, in addition to #23 for technology and #15 for qual.

MRX Lab Shortlisted for 2021 MR Podcast of the Year

FlexMR's MRX Lab podcast has been nominated for Annual MR Podcast of the Year Award.

FlexMR Shortlisted for AURA Innovation Award 2021

FlexMR's Insight as Art Programme has been shortlisted for the AURA Innovation of the Year award.

FlexMR Launches Video Close Connection Programme

FlexMR are connecting business decision makers directly to customers through a fully-managed online video service.

Collaboration & Curation: Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement

These different approaches to stakeholder engagement are proven to work, but which one is right for you?

Paul Hudson Presents at Digital Qual Summit

FlexMR CEO highlights the impactful use of video in market research at Insight Platforms Qual Summit in July.

Emily James Discusses Immersion Sessions in Quirk's

Quirk's Media republished Emily James' article on customer immersion sessions on 27th May 2021.

Chris Martin Exhibits Insight as Art at MRS Summit

Chris Martin is exhibiting FlexMR's Insight as Art campaign at MRS Storytelling Summit in June.

Roundtable - Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement

A small group discussion for FlexMR clients to share and learn how to engage stakeholders in research.

MRX Lab - Customer, User, Human Research

In this podcast, we examine the different fields of experience research and how insight professionals are applying them.

FlexMR and British Gas Present Insight as Art

Maria Twigge and Mario Streng explore their experiences with Insight as Art at the AURA event on 19th May.

RW and Emily James Outline the Value of Insights Branding

In a newly published article on Research World, Emily James and Peter Shreeve explore the value of insights team branding.

Chris Martin Participates in a Panel at Array Festival

Chris Martin explores SaaS success in a panel discussion at the Lancaster Array Festival in May.

RBDR and Emily James Explore Two-Speed Market Research

In Bob Lederer's RBDR video series, Emily James explores the value of a two-speed research strategy.

MRX Lab - Connecting with Research Participants

How can researchers engage and motivate participants? Find out from Charlotte Evans in this episode.

FlexMR Launches VideoMR Analysis Tool

VideoMR is a fully integrated analysis tool that enables agile collection, analysis and distribution. 

FlexMR Innovation Showcase Webinar

Paul Hudson will present four webinars exploring three FlexMR innovations: SurveyMR, Video use, and Creative Reporting

MRX Lab - Effective Approaches to Research Design

A discussion with Insight Manager Sally Nicholls on the realities, challenges and opportunities of research design.

Insight Frameworks - A Guide to Composing Research Strategy

Could Insight Frameworks be the key to unleashing the potential of research strategies?

Emily James on the Two-Speed Market Research Strategy

Greenbook publishes Emily James and the case for considering a two-speed market research strategy.

Roundtable - Effective Insight Strategies

A small group discussion for FlexMR clients to share and learn what makes an effective insight strategy.

MRX Lab- Making Research Happen

Join Sally Nicholls and Gareth Bowden as we explore how insight professionals can cut through red tape.

VideoMR Analysis Tool Brochure

Discover how to easily curate, edit and share video content from focus groups, surveys and more.

MRX Lab - Insights Empowerment

A discussion with Paul Hudson on the modern pressures faced by research professionals and the role of empowerment.

VideoMR Interactive Demo

Discover how to make the most of the integrated video curation, editing and sharing with VideoMR.

How to Keep a Clean Database of Participants

Charlotte Evans explores the role of participant profiles, churn management and recruitment waves.

Building a Community Engagement Strategy (Part2)

A brief discussion about the various incentive options for communities and their impact on engagement.

Building a Community Engagement Strategy (Part 1)

A short video on the tactics that can be employed to create an engaged, active insight community.

Influence - How to Engage Stakeholders in Insights

Influencing stakeholder decisions is tough; explore the 3 ways that we can engage stakeholders in insight.

A Casual Conversation: Insights Empowerment

Join Paul Hudson, Dr Katharine Johnson, and Heather Wendlandt as they explore the meaning of insights empowerment.

Animated Insights: Research & Behavioural Insights That Changed the World

Three prime examples of how market research and behavioural theories have influenced politics, economics and society.

MRX Lab Episode #16 - Glocalisation & Research Strategy

We investigate the opposing forces of globalisation, localisation and territory expansion on research.

MRX Lab Episode #15 - Rationalism, Empiricism & Other -Isms

An in-depth look at the relationship between philosophical constructs of knowledge and the work of insights professionals.

MRX Lab Episode #14 - Waterfall, Six Sigma & Lean

What can be learnt from the project management methods that haven't gained the popularity of agile?

Interactive Blog Feature Demo

Get to grips with the InsightHub blog feature, which enables members to post thoughtful long form content.

MRX Lab Episode #13 - Critical Thinking

We examine how to develop the vital, but often overlooked skill of critical thinking that researchers use on a daily basis.

FlexMR Shortlisted for Quirks Excellence Award

FlexMR is a finalist for Best Market Research Supplier 2020 in Quirk's Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards.

Examining the Client-Agency Relationship

Heather Wendlandt investigates the causes of the gulf in the research client-agency relationship.

Interactive News Feature Demo

See how important community, panel and project updates are delivered to InsightHub platform members.

Interactive ForumMR Demo

Discover how ForumMR enables insightful peer-to-peer qualitative conversations grow organically.

MRX Lab Episode #12 - Ceteris Paribus & Economics

In this episode of the MRX Lab, we explore how the principles of economics apply to the role of market researchers.

FlexMR and The Home Depot Present at MRMW NA 2020

Join Paul Hudson and Ki Arnould Aguero as they explore the impact of combining UX and Market Research.

See the InsightHub at AQR's Platform Roadshow

Tune in to the AQR Platform Roadshow on the 22nd October for a look at the FlexMR InsightHub platform.

Interactive ScrapbookMR Demo

More  expressive than words alone, see how digital scrapbooks embody emotions fluently and effectively.

Empowering Stakeholders by Democratising Insight

In her new article on Insight Platforms, Maria explores how to empower stakeholders through accessible insight.

Interactive SmartboardMR Demo

Get fast, fluid insight on visual stimuli with participants comments, sentiment tagging and heatmaps.

MRX Lab Episode #11 - The Slow Movement

We investigate the slow movement, its cultural impact and whether it provides an antidote to agile obsession.

Interactive NumbersMR Demo

Analyse and share quantitative data from surveys, quick polls & database fields in a matter of seconds.

Interactive DiaryMR Demo

Discover a unique window into the lives of consumers, facilitated by a structured, private space.

MRX Lab Episode #10 - The Sacred & Profane

An exploration of the meaning behind sacred & profane behaviour, brand cathedrals and consumer rituals.

Interactive Report CardMR Demo

Get to grips with a simple and intuitive method of creating feedback cards that engage research participants.

Animated Insights: Avoiding Customer Feedback Fatigue

Fatigue happens when customers lose the motivation to engage in your research Find out how to avoid it here.

Creating Pop-Up Communities (Part 2)

Advice on how to create successful pop-up communities, including recruitment & tool choices.

Creating Pop-Up Communities (Part 1)

A brief introduction to short term pop-up communities, their primary uses and benefits.

How to Run Successful Diary Studies

In this short video, Charlotte Evans offers hints and tips on how to make online diaries a success.

Changing Hearts and Minds with Tech

Research Live published an article by Dr Katharine Johnson on the role of technology in insight activation.

MRX Lab Episode #9 - The Gig Economy

We ask whether the gig economy has impacted the research industry & insights professionals.

Quick PollMR Interactive Demo

Ask single and multiple choice questions to get quick answers and engage InsightHub members.

Open PollMR Interactive Demo

Discover how Open PollMR surfaces simple qualitative questions on the InsightHub homepage.

InsightHub & Insight Platforms Demo Day

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how InsightHub powers research teams at this virtual event.

Getting the Most Out of Video Focus Groups #2

Want to improve your online qual? In this short video, we advise how to improve focus group moderation.

Getting the Most Out of Video Focus Groups #1

In this short video we share hints & tips on how to prepare for real-time video focus groups.

Incorporating Creativity into Online Qual #2

Watch this exploration of how diary studies and online communities can be enhanced with creative tasks.

Incorporating Creativity into Online Qual #1

Discover how creative smartboards, question boards and projective techniques can enhance online qual.

Five Ways to Blend Qual & Quant Research

Qual and quant are two sides of the same coin. In this video we share how to blend the two methods.

MRX Lab Episode #8 - Storytelling and TTRPGs

We delve into the unique storytelling lessons that the niche gaming market can teach researchers.

FlexMR to Exhibit at Quirk's Virtual Event

Meet Heather Wendlant on the virtual exhibition floor or over a lunchtime roundtable.

Interactive SurveyMR Demo

Click through an example survey built on the InsightHub platform to explore question types, layouts and more.

FlexMR Recertifies ISO 27001 During Pandemic

This month, FlexMR have worked hard and successfully recertified for the ISO 27001 certificate.

Question BoardMR Interactive Demo

Get to grips with the features, functionality and capbility of Question BoardMR in this interactive wireframe.

Insight as Art Wins GDX Audience Engagement Award

The insights marketing campaign won in the Best Global Audience Engagement Campaign category.

Explore Insights with Amy Greenwood in GRIT Interview

As an extension to her GRIT Future List honour, discover Amy's views on the present and future state of insight.

Insight as Art: Sparking City Wide Conversations

Learn how we're sparking city-wide conversations in New York & London through creative reporting.

Chris Martin Summarises IA NEXT 2020

FlexMR CMO, Chris Martin, highlights the key trends discussed at NEXT for the Insights Association.

MRX Lab Episode #7 - Art and Advertising as Reporting Methods

We investigate creative reporting techniques and the impact on the insight to action divide.

Focus GroupMR Interactive Demo

Explore the features, functionality and layout of Focus GroupMR with this interactive mockup.

Best Practices for Participant Communication #2

Dive in with a second dose of advice on best practices for communicating empathetically.

Best Practices for Participant Communication #1

Get simple and actionable advice on how to best communicate with research participants.

Three Approaches to Using Online Communities

Discover the benefits and key use cases of long term, pop-up & listening communities.

Focus GroupMR Research Tool Demo

See how Focus GroupMR enables real-time video and text chat conversations in this short demo.

A Casual Conversation: The Future of Insights Tech

In this episode, we discuss the trends and technologies that will shape the next decade of insights.

The Pillars of Consumer Trust in Market Research

Consumer trust is hard won and easily lost. Explore the four pillars necessary to encourage consumer trust in MR.

Intro to Video Focus Groups Webinar

Join Maria Twigge for a tour of our latest tool and learn how to get started with video focus groups.

The Four Futures of Insight Activation at MRMW EU

Paul Hudson is presenting at this years MRMW EU event, exploring the topic of insight activation.

MRX Lab Episode #6 - Parallels Between Journalism & Research

In this episode of the podcast we look at how to tell the right story to the right people at the right time.

Chris Martin Talks Insight & Technology with Bloomfire

Our CMO discusses marketing, technology, the insight industry and the future of work in this Q&A.

Exploring Market Research Futures at Array Festival

FlexMR CMO, Chris Martin, will take the festival's virtual stage to discuss digital innovation in the insights sector.

Maria Twigge to Attend Richmond Insights Forum

FlexMR Research Director, Maria Twigge, will be attending the Richmond Market Insights Forum UK.

Paul Hudson Talks Mindful Data and AI in MRS Impact

FlexMR CEO, Paul Hudson, has contributed to a report on mindful data in the latest edition of MRS Impact.

FlexMR Adds Video Focus Groups to InsightHub

Focus GroupMR, an evolution of Live ChatMR supports both video and text based qualitative research.

MRX Lab Episode #5 - The Principles of Design Thinking

Investigating how and when the principles of design thinking should be applied to market research.

Chris Martin to Co-Present Wearables Webinar

Join Chris Martin, RTI International & Kantar Health on this Insights Association Next Gen Data webinar.

Maria Twigge to Present at MRS FMCG Summit

Maria Twigge and Bibendum Wine's Alex Chambers explore how the brand insightfully revamped label designs.

Insights from GRIT Future List: Amy Greenwood

To understand what makes a future leader tick, Greenbook have published 16 insights from interviews with the honorees.

Paul Hudson Writes on London for Research Live

Exploring how insight, presented as art, can spark important conversations - using the city of London as an example.

London as Described by Market Research

There’s no other place in the world quite like London. Life is an adrenaline fuelled, enthusiastic race.

New York as Described by Qualitative Research

New York is Disneyland for adults. Bold, bright and crammed full of entertainment; a world of its own.

Artwork Captures Heart of London Identity

We've released artwork inspired by the attitudes, beliefs and opinions of Londoners towards their city.

Artwork Captures Heart of New York Identity

We've released artwork inspired by the attitudes, beliefs and opinions of New Yorkers towards their city.

Building an Effective Insights Activation Strategy

Discover the factors influencing the decision-making process, and how to create a strategy that makes everyone pay attention.

Open Surgeries for Online Qual

We're hosting a series of open surgeries to answer your most pressing questions about online qual.

MRX Lab Episode #4 - Memes as Visual Language

We explore the untapped data source of memes and the role of semiotics in decoding them.

Animated Insights: The Explosion of Research Tech

There's a huge myriad of research technology available to insight teams today - but how did we get here?

Paul Hudson on Art & Engagement in QRCA VIEWS

In the Spring edition, Paul discusses how creative reporting can push stakeholder engagement to new highs

How to Manage Multiple Insight Communities

Join Paul Hudson for a 30 minute practical webinar that simplifies a complex qual operation.

Maisie Furneaux on Design Thinking at IIeX NA

Maisie will explore the the application of design thinking as part of the New Speakers Track.

MRX Lab Episode #3 - Software Devs Vs Insights Pros

A look at who really shapes online research experiences and how to remove the hidden impact of software constraints.

SurveyMR 2.0 Research Tool Demo

See how the flowchart-inspired design of SurveyMR 2.0 makes it easy to script great surveys.

SurveyMR 2.0 Research Tool Brochure

Create surveys that are easy to understand, script and take part in with a flowchart inspired UI.

FlexMR Introduces SurveyMR 2.0 Research Tool

SurveyMR 2.0 is the latest iteration of our most popular tool, redesigned with a human-first approach.

MRX Lab Episode #2 - The Joy of Innovation

A look at how to interject the fun, messiness and novelty that is often stifled into innovation.

Amy Greenwood Honoured on GreenBook GRIT List

FlexMR's Head of Research & Insights, Amy Greenwood, has been nominated and honoured on the GreenBook GRIT Futures List.

Paul Hudson to Present on Art & Research at Qual360 NA

Paul will talk on the shortfalls of current engagement methods, and show how art may offer a different solution.

Paul Hudson Talks Art & Research in Qual360 Interview

Qual360 Interview Paul Hudson on artistic reporting ahead of his talk at their North America 'Connecting Worlds' Conference.

MRX Lab Episode #1 - Print; Hello World

In this episode of the MRX Lab podcast, we introduce the topics our team will be covering across our first season.

FlexMR & Insight Platforms Communities Summit

Paul Hudson and Dr Katharine Johnson are presenting at a free online insights conference on the future of evolving communities.

FlexMR to Present at IIeX EU 2020 on Insights Activation

Insight Managers Mayra Munguia and Sally Nicholls will present at IIeX EU this year on the ways in which insight can be acted on.

A Casual Conversation: Agile Market Research

This episode is dedicated to exploring the impacts and understanding of agile research through the eyes of our professionals.

Meet the FlexMR Team at Qual360 EU 2020

FlexMR CEO, Paul Hudson, and Research Director, Maria Twigge, will be attending Qual360 EU in Berlin this year.

Sally Nicholls Discusses on Data Scandals in GreenBook

FlexMR's Sally Nicholls discusses the impacts of the current data perceptions and how we can change them to improve data protection.

Chris Martin on Impactful Storytelling at MRS IMPACT

FlexMR's CMO, Chris Martin, will explore new realms of storytelling that insight professionals can learn from D&D.

The Insight Led Postcard Gallery

We've created insight driven, artistic postcards for six of the UK's largest sectors developed from real qualitative feedback.

FlexMR Launch Consumer Postcard Project

FlexMR have launched a new initiative to push the boundaries of research empowerment and stakeholder engagement.

Insight as Art: A Visual Introduction

We're experimenting with creative reporting techniques to supercharge stakeholder engagement, and you can get involved too.

Maisie Furneaux Discusses the Dangers of Customer Obsession

Maisie's article gives great insight into the heretofore unseen risks of customer obsession strategies, where customer centricity goes too far.

Charles Pearson Explores the Science Behind Memorable Insights

Charles Pearson wrote an article for Research Live, diving into the science behind insight memorability and unearths artistic results.

Chris Martin Writes on Research & Art for Insight Platforms

FlexMR CMO Chris Martin dicusses the impact of our experiments with art on stakeholder engagement on Insight Platforms.

Mayra Munguia Explores Insight Engagement in GreenBook

GreenBook have published an article written by FlexMR's Mayra Munguia on tricks to secure insight engagement and memorability.

Heather Wendlandt Discusses Modern Research Skills in GreenBook

GreenBook have published an article written by Heather discussing the modern skills that researchers need for insight activation.

RBDR and Charlotte Evans Explore Video Games for MRX

In his daily video series, Bob Lederer dedicates this episode to exploring exploring lessons researchers can learn from video games.

Exploring Flowchart-Based Survey Scripting Interfaces

FlexMR's Dave Russell will be presenting his very first seminar at the ASC One-Day Conference this November on flowchart-based surveys.

Chris Martin on Internalising Insight in Research World

FlexMR CMO Chris Martin writes in Research World about how visual techniques can help engage research stakeholders.

Using Insight to Plan for a More Sustainable Future

The Caravan and Motorhome Club used online qual to better understand their members' needs with electric and hybrid vehicles.

Paul Hudson to Present ESOMAR Webinar on Insight

On 12th November, FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson is presenting a webinar on the secret art of activating insight for ESOMAR.

Chris Martin Explores the Role of Internal Experts on Insight Platforms

FlexMR's Chris Martin explores the role of internal research experts and insight activation in an article published by Insight Platforms.

Mass Qual: Putting Big Data into Context

Big Qualitative Data can be very time-consuming to analyse in order to get the full picture; the key to discovering valuable qual insights is context.

Charlotte Evans Explores Insights & Gaming for Quirks

FlexMR's Charlotte Evans article drawing parallels between insights & gaming republished on Quirk's Research Industry Voices.

Paul Hudson Writes on Stakeholder Engagement

What does it take to inspire action and engage stakeholders? Paul Hudson investigates in this Greenbook article.

NumbersMR Analysis Tool Demo

Discover a simple, yet powerful interface to create tables & charts, analyse results and manipulate data in real time.

Chris Martin to Present Webinar on Storytelling

On 31st October, Chris Martin is presenting a webinar for the Insights Association on art and storytelling in the report writing process.

A Casual Conversation: FlexMR Research Services

In this video, the FlexMR leadership team explore how our research services contribute to an agile research experience.

Exploring Personal Branding at MRS &more Event

FlexMR's CMO Chris Martin to explore the techniques and benefits of personal branding at the first ever MRS &more Conference 2019.

A Casual Conversation: InsightHub Tools

In this video, the FlexMR leadership team discuss the benefits of having access to a broad range of diverse research tools.

Maria Twigge Bridges Insight & Art in Research Live

In this provocative article, Maria Twigge looks at the skills researchers of the future will need to be stand out storytellers.

A Casual Conversation: The InsightHub Platform

In the first of this new series, the FlexMR leadership team discuss our enterprise-wide, agile research platform.

Cracking the Market Research Process with Quirk's and FlexMR

Quirk's republished one of FlexMR's articles, written by Emily James, exploring the ideal 7-step process for research success.

Paul Hudson to Present NewMR Webinar

FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson will present how flowcharts can be used in survey design as part of the NewMR Data Collection Update.

FlexMR & British Gas to Present at MRS Utilities Summit

At the MRS Utilities Summit, FlexMR and British Gas will present an agile model for expanding new market territories.

NumbersMR Analysis Tool Brochure

Agile quantitative analysis that combines data from across InsightHub tools to form quick tables and graphs.

FlexMR Adds NumbersMR Analysis Tool to InsightHub

The addition of NumbersMR marks the shift from data collection to fully integrated insight platform for FlexMR.

Sophie Grieve-Williams Talks AI, Design & Research in Greenbook

AI and design principles should go hand in hand, but fear is holding back the progress that could benefit researchers.

The Relationship between Authenticity, Trust, and Insights

These unlikely trio form the basis of a powerfully agile and unique brand development strategy that has proven examples of success.

Paul Hudson Explores the Truths of the Insights Industry

Quirk's Marketing Research Review republished Paul's article on the five uncomfortable truths about the insights industry.

Curo Develops Co-Creative Community Panel

Curo recognised that to be truly customer-centric, the company need their participants to become immersed in their research. 

FlexMR Shortlisted for WIRe Best Place to Work Award

FlexMR is one of 22 research agencies shortlisted for the Women in Research (WIRe) Best Place to Work Award 2019.

Emily James Writes on Stories and Design for GreenBook

FlexMR's Emily James has an article for GreenBook discussing how artistic experiences can help unlock insights.

Maria Twigge and Laura Calvert feature in AQR In Brief

The July edition of In Brief features an article on choice by Maria Twigge and a review of Laura Calvert's Big Day Out talk.

Chris Martin Writes on Storytelling for ESOMAR

FlexMR's Chris Martin has written an article for Research World exploring the potential impact of data through great storytelling.

FlexMR Finalists for 'Best SME in Cumbria' Award

After a record number of entries, FlexMR has been shortlisted for one of In-Cumbria Magazine's Business Awards.

Paul Hudson Discusses AI on Voxpopme Perspectives

Watch Paul Hudson and four other industry experts explore the future of market research and AI in the Voxpopme Perspectives Vlog.

FlexMR Launch Empowerment Services

Our new services empower teams to educate, embed and promote the role of insights across departments.

A Tale of Two Britains: The Loyal & The Disconnected

Our new report finds fascinating differences in behaviour that call the very nature of loyalty into question.

The Connection between Political, Social and Brand Loyalty

Our decisions are not as individual as we might think; the Tribes we associate ourselves with have a significant influence over our sense of Loyalty.

Creating a Hub of Customer Insights with Specsavers

Specsavers' 'Don't Lose the Picture' eye health campaign has reached new levels of effectiveness through thorough survey research.

Encouraging Business Transparency through Research

Research Live explores how brands can be more transparent with examples including FlexMR and Coventry Building Society.

Busting B2B Engagement Myths at MRS B2B Summit 2019

FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson is chairing an important panel on B2B Engagement Myths at the MRS B2B conference this June.

Jump Starting Community and Research Engagement

Engaging research participants can be tough at the best of times; here are tips and techniques to encourage research engagement.

Emily James on Social Research Mistakes in Quirks

FlexMR's Emily James has written an article for Quirk's detailing 7 mistakes to avoid when using social media intelligence. 

Hosting Formula One Research Experiences on InsightHub

Research Live discuss F1's recent research success with reference to their dedicated online community built on the FlexMR InsightHub.

Decoding Complex Visual Responses in Online Communities

Structural and Social Semiotics holds the key to unlocking insights from the use of GIFs, Emojis, and Memes in research.

Research Engagement and Competing for AQR's Young Disrupter Award

FlexMR's Laura Calvert will be speaking at her first conference on 6th June at AQR's Big Day Out, and is competing for the YDA.

Creating A Customer-Centric Culture by Insourcing Insight

FlexMR's Heather Wendlandt has written an article for the Insights Association detailing a 4-step plan on customer centricity.

Exploring the Application of Journalistic Principles to Market Research

FlexMR CMO Chris Martin will explore how journalistic principles can help researchers drive stakeholder engagement.

Maria Twigge Represents FlexMR at Market Insights Forum

FlexMR Research Director, Maria Twigge, will be attending the Richmond Market Insights Forum UK on 12th June 2019.

RBDR Explores the Role of Insights Professionals with Heather Wendlandt

Bob Lederer of RFL Communications picks up Wendlandt's blog and explores the role of Insights Professionals in the growth of businesses.

Maintaining Award-Winning CX with Community Insights

The Coventry Building Society gathered valuable insights into their customer-stakeholders' experiences and knowledge.

Discussing the Role of a Developer at MRMW EU 2019

FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson will investigate the role of developers and researchers when creating impactful online research experiences.

Paul Hudson Talks Data & Decisions on the IIeX Podcast

Listen to FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson discuss the opportunities that the democratisation of data provides on the IIeX podcast.

Dissecting the Success of Customer Obsession

Amazon and JetBlue Airways have two very different, but very successful approaches to business development.

Exploring Smart Speaker Potential at IIeX EU 2019

Iulia Ghindeanu will discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by using smart speakers as a research channel.

Empowerment Services Brochure

Read how we plan to empower research teams by embedding insight into decision making processes.

Flexible Research Tool Licence Brochure

Our flexible licence offers full access to all InsightHub research to support your core platform toolset.

Smart Speakers as a Consumer Research Channel

Voice Assistants offer a unique opportunity for market research through a dedicated research channel.

Sally Nicholls Joins the FlexMR Research Team

Sally Nicholls, formerly of Join the Dots, has joined our expert research team as a Senior Research Associate.

SkyBet Uses Insight to Create Safe Gambling Environment

Through in-depth research, a responsible gambling tool and environment has been created to customer specifications. 

Understanding Modern Subculture Evolution

Track subcultural changes to create better strategies and discover new marketing opportunities.

Building Brand Engagement: MRS Financial Services 2018

Explore how The Coventry Building Society used customer feedback on CX to enhance brand engagement and trust.

A Research Model for Uncovering Truth

Truth is tough to define. But  consumer truths are used to inform many decisions, and need to be as accurate as possible.

FlexMR Insight Delivery Services Brochure

We know the value of a flexible partner that offers a full complement of insight oriented services.

Heather Wendlandt to Expand FlexMR US Presence

FlexMR is set to further expand US presence with strategic hire of GlimpzIt's Heather Wendlandt.

FlexMR Management Services Brochure

A well maintained insight platform is key to generating high quality data. These services streamline that process.

Isagenix Places Customer Insight First

The IsaInsights panel, built on InsightHub, has acted as a vital element of the Isagenix Voice of Customer programmes.

FlexMR Launch Integrated Insight Platform InsightHub

InsightHub, the next evolution of our platform, builds on existing research tools and services.

FlexMR Promotes 4 to Prepare for Further Growth

FlexMR promotions enable creation of new client help desk to provide an enhanced customer experience.

How Blockchain Will Revolutionise Insight Industries

As privacy scandals rock consumer confidence, will blockchain become the future of insight?

FlexMR Company Credentials Deck

FlexMR has been at the forefront of developing practical innovations in online research for over a decade.

Engaging Disabled Groups in Research: MRS Impact 2018

Exploring the positive impact effectively applied market research can have on disabled groups.

InsightHub Platform Brochure

InsightHub is the enterprise grade research platform that enables brands to inform every decision at speed.

SurveyMR Research Tool Brochure

Engaging, dynamic surveys with a range of question types that don’t compromise on quality.

An End-to-End Customer Experience Framework

Brand, product, customers and employees all have a role to play in creating memorable expereinces.

Question BoardMR Research Tool Brochure

Question BoardMR enables the asynchronous exploration of complex opinions, beliefs and values.

5 Technologies for Automating Market Research

Five of the best tools for automating market research tasks without compromising on quality.

Isagenix Customer Panel Extends to 8 Countries

Isagenix have expanded customer insight panels into 8 countries after marked commercial success with FlexMR.

ForumMR Research Tool Brochure

Browsers pose the greatest threat to enterprise. Browsers pose the greatest threat to enterprise.

Focus GroupMR Research Tool Brochure

Focus GroupMR is purpose built to facilitate video and text chat sessions in real-time.

Consumer Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence

Our AI survey examines consumer perceptions, fears and aspirations for today's artificial intelligence.

A Qualitative Data Analysis Challenge at IIEX 2018

Find out what happened when we pitted our expert qualitative experts against the machine in an analysis face off.

FlexMR Services Brochure

Our team are dedicated to embedding insight across organisations and decision making processes.

Community Panel Configuration Brochure

The best way to gather qualitative and quantitative insight at scale in an efficient, cost effective hybrid platform.

The Truth About AI in Market Research

AI powered tools are flooding the insight industry, but what impact is artificial intelligence really having?

SmartboardMR Research Tool Brochure

SmarttboardMR enables image-based discussions for creative, collaborative feedback.

Community Configuration Brochure

Our communities are a blend of organic and moderator-led feedback that delivers a constant stream of insight

Qual 360 North America 2017 Seminar and Panel

Join us at Qual360 in Washington DC for a seminar discussion and panel debat on the state of mass qual.

How to Design a Market Research Chatbot

As the pace of automation accelerates, learn how chatbots can be used to speed up basic research tasks.

How to Apply Virtual Reality to Market Research

Growing rapidly, virtual reality offers researchers a plethora of opportunity if considered and applied thoughtfully.

Explaining Research Chatbots at Qual 360 Europe 2017

At Qual 360 Europe 2017, we'll be answering the question of whether chatbots can enable mass qual.

The Truth About Achieving Agile Insight

Often described as faster and cheaper, agile insight is actually a complex but rewarding iterative methodology.

ScrapbookMR Research Tool Brochure

An image oriented tool that encourages participants to build detailed visual expressions.

The Five Top Market Research Trends of 2016

Discover the issues and innovations that have most heavily impacted the research industry over 2016.

Panel Configuration Brochure

High quality, on demand insight from a responsive pool of opted-in and fully profiled participants.

Ennera Informs Tough Decision With Consumer Intelligence

When facing a tough decision on market entry, Ennera turned to consumer intelligence.

The Top 4 Most Powerful Ways to Humanise Big Data

Learn how to translate Big Data into powerful, engaging stories that have a real business impact.

DiaryMR Research Tool Brochure

An innovative way to present recurring tasks that capture gradual changes in opinion.

Swift Grow Insights Business With Qual Tools

Innovative Swift Research quickly expanded capabilities through our suite of online qual tools.

A Marketer's Guide to Millennial Shoppers

Brand values matter to Millennial shoppers. Learn what else matters most to this diverse, valuable cohort.

Research Business Daily Report Discusses Mobile With FlexMR

Bob Lederer of RBDR and FlexMR's Louisa Thistlethwaite discuss the difference between online and mobile research.

A Beginner's Guide to Mobile Market Research

Effective mobile research that enhances marketing with valuable in-the-moment insight.

Project Configuration Brochure

Our most flexible platform configuration, designed to support varied, dynamic research schedules.

The 7 Most Deadly Market Research Mistakes

Not all mistakes are equal. These 7 can damage research projects and programmes beyond repair.

Quick PollMR Research Tool Brochure

The best way to generate instant, quantitative results that stimulate engaging discussions.

Integrated Panel Drives Sure Customer Centricity

In the competitive telecoms market, Sure uses an engaged, insight-driven panel to build customer closeness.

Retrospective Community Analysis at Qual 360 Europe 2016

Join us at Qual360 Europe to learn how we drive customer satisfaction through community analysis.

The Most Creative Ways to Visualise Boring Data

Learn the creative tactics researchers are adopting to engage stakeholders and drive informed decisions.

Report CardMR Research Tool Brochure

The perfect way to stimulate creative and thoughtful feedback in a simple, responsive format.

Greenvale Maximises Budget with Ongoing Panel

To support complex supply chain decisions, Greenvale integrates data from an InsightHub panel.

Open PollMR Research Tool Brochure

Open PollMR offers the quickest way to get answers; a single open-ended question.

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